Friday, January 8, 2010

The causes of acne

There are many causes of acne that effect millions of people from all over the world each year. It is not just “one thing” that causes it but it can be one of many things. Caring for your skin is one of the ways that you can use to prevent the acne from appearing. Using cleansing lotions or moisturizer is also a great way to remove any oils or dirt which may be building up and is invisible to the naked eye.

It is vital that you understand how your skin and body functions to really realize how acne starts to develop on top of the skin. The main cause is when the pores of the skin are blocken and kept closed by dirt, oil and bacteria. By removing these with daily cleansing you are allowing your pores to remian open and will have a lesser chance of acne appearing.

Another cause is a change in hormone levels. This is why teenagers tend to suffer from acne more than adults. But this isn’t just limited to teenagers as many adults, especially women, have changes in their hormone levels frequently and suffer from the same imbalance. This causes the skin to be more oily and the pores become blocked by this oil.

Another cause of acne can be the poor diet. Eating a lot of sugary foods such as sweets, chocolate etc can cause acne. So always try to eat as healthy as you can.
All in all, the causes of acne are many but there are also many things you can do to prevent it from occuring. Make sure your skin stays clean all the time, eat healthily and try to remain calm, as stress can be a factor too. Just by following these simple tips, can really help you to stay acne free for many years to come.

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Teen acne and its effects

As far as things that teenagers have to cope with, acne can often be one of the hardest. Depending on how severe the acne is, it can often be difficult to treat and causes quite a lot of embarrasment to the teens. Teen acne is something that causes many teens to be quite unsociable as they are shy to go out due to the acne that they have.

It can be difficult to deal with and many teens get bullied or picked on at school due to the acne that they have. Obviously, apart from treating it the best they can, there is not a lot a teen can do about it. They have all sorts of hormone changes going on and acne is a side effect of this.

There are so pressures already that teens have to deal with, such as their weight, their grades etc that acne seems to be just another one to add to the list. But it is not just teens that can suffer. Adult acne is something that affects millions of people from all over the world. Again, all you can do is treat it as best you can and try to forget about it and not to become too self-conscious.

When it comes to teen acne, one thing you can be assured of, is that you are certainly not alone and have nothing to feel awkward or embarrased about. Just get on with your day to day routine and ignore anyone that may try to mock your acne. After all, I’m sure they have many things that are causing them problems too, it’s just that are’nt on the surface and cannot be seen as easy as teen acne. So move on and most of all enjoy your teen years because they will be gone before you know it!