Monday, January 4, 2010

Back acne and its treatments

Many people of all ages suffer from acne. It’s not just teens but adults can suffer quite a lot too. This isn’t always apparent as many people simply thinkthat acne only occurs on the face but the truth is, acne can occur in many places of the body. Back acne is quite common and also acne of the chest is common too.

Treating back acne can be quite a lot more difficult than treating the acne on the face. This is due not only because you may not be able to reach the areas of the back that have the most acne but because the skin is a lot tougher on the back than it is on the face. So, normal acne treatments may not have the same effect.

Also, unlike the face, there is always something in contact with the back such as clothing. This can be a constant irritation or aggrevation to the affected areas. It is also an area where sweat can appear quite often and this causes the skin to be moist and oily and can cause blocked pores which is where acne begins.

So one way you can treat back acne is by keeping as clean and dry as you possibly can. Always try to wash your back as best you can and use skin moisturizer or cleansing lotions if possible. This will help to remove any excess oils and keep the skin nice and clean.

Obviously if your condition seems to be getting out of hand, then you should seek professional advice from a suitably qualified medical person. They will be able to give you treatment that you may not be able to buy off the shelf, that will be a lot stronger and help to cure your back acne.

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