Friday, January 8, 2010

Different types of acne

Many people think of acne as just “spots” and that all acne is the same. Well, this is really far from the truth as there are many different types of acne that affect people in different ways. Although acne may look the same from a distance, each type is a different size and shape and can last a lot longer than other types.

Non inflammatory acne for instance are often referred to as whiteheads. These occur due to a follicle of the hair underneath the skin being clogged and a small white lump appears. When the blocked hair pushes it’s way through the surface of the skin, this is quite often when a blackhead appears.

The most common type of acne and the most mildest is called a papule. These are usually very small in appearance but also can be the most uncomfortable when they appear. They are often tender if you touch them.

Similar to papules are pustules. They are roughly about the same size but almost always are more infected and contain more bacteria. These are generally ones people are more tempted to pop as they appear red and the bottom but white and the head. They look the most unattractive of all spots and people like to remove them as quickly as possible.

There are of course many other types of acne that people suffer from. The best form of treatment is to try not to get the acne in the first place. If you make sure that your skin remians clean and dirt free at all times, then this should prevent any severe cases of acne from forming. Keeping your pores open is the best way to stop dirt from clogging up the pores. So, remember that prevention is always better than a cure and this is especially true in the case of acne.

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